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2 Jul 2017

10 New Entries in the World of Cool Wearable Tech


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Posted By Thomas G.

Wearable tech gadgets are everywhere in the news these days. From smartwatches to wearable fitness devices, the world of wearable tech is slowly on the verge of becoming the next big thing in technology. And why not? The whole purpose of this branch of technology is to make your life easy and more convenient. Here are 10 best wearable tech introduced recently which can do wonders to your life if used well.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch
Get real time smartphone notifications and fitness alerts on the Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch. Thanks to this piece of wearable tech, your digital information will now be available right from your wrists. The purpose of this smartwatch is to help you stay connected with the digital world without feeling distracted at any point in time.

Jawbone Up2 Fitness Tracker
Fitness trackers never looked so good. On the outside UP2â„¢ is the thinnest, sleekest, style-savvy tracker out there. On the inside, Smart Coach generates fitness insights and activity plans that make reaching your goals that much easier.

UP3 Advanced Tracker By Jawbone
The world's most advanced tracker. Everyone has had a life changing experience sometime. This is one of those times. UP3â„¢ is simply the most advanced tracker you can buy. Its classic, durable design will stand the test of time.

ZafeBit is a wearable smartwatch that can alert your friends in seconds if you get into an emergency. Your ZafeBit watch has two different personal safety alarms, one silent alarm that will notify your friends that you are in an emergency plus a loud 110db sound alarm that will notify all people around you.

Mycestro Wearable Mouse
Use gestures to control your cursor on the computer screen. The Mycestro Wearable Mouse takes the entire operation to a new level with the help of gesture control. It's ideal for use on planes or conferences or any other place that lacks the presence of horizontal surfaces. In fact, by using this mouse you can actually make your presentations way more interesting and super fun.

Sleep Shepherd Sleep System
The Sleep Shepherd® is the first at home sleep device that monitors your brainwaves in real time and uses a biofeedback loop to help you fall asleep quickly through the use of specially engineered tones.

The most advanced wearable in the world - use multiple applications and control with simple gestures. HIRIS is here to simplify your life. Use it with or without your gloves, when your hands are wet or dirty: the Air Touch function make HIRIS usable in any situations. From monitoring your heart rate and fitness performance to enabling you to control almost any connected device, HIRIS is the only wearable computer that brings style and infinite functionality together as one.

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker
Staying in touch with your regular fitness schedule is going to be super stylish when you wear one of these Misfit Flash Activity Trackers. It's a sporty activity tracker that can be worn as a wristband or even clipped to your clothing if required. The tracker provides you with real-time tracking of steps, distance, calories burned and sleep quality.

The Movo Wave
The Movo Wave is the first wearable device made for everyone. Available for only $29.99, the Wave seamlessly fits into everyday life, helping people understand their daily activity by tracking steps, distance traveled and calories burned.

Adidas MiCoach
Set and achieve your weekly goals or setup personalised training plans. Which ever way you prefer to train, FIT SMART will provide simple to understand guidance of your workout intensity to keep you on track. Measures real-time heart rate, calories, pace / speed, distance and stride rate all from the wrist with no additional sensors required.


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